मेरा जोश ( MERA JOSH ) HD हिंदी डब फिल्म || उदय किरण, कृति, बॉब एंथोनी

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  • Watch this Bollywood action thriller movie: "MERA JOSH” (dubbed from Telugu movie: Eka Loveyudu) starring Uday Kiran, Kruthi, Bob Anthony.
    An unemployed graduate Kartik (Uday Kiran) because of his unemployment, undergoes hardships in his home and society. His father Chalapathi Rao borrows a loan of ten lakhs for an urgent requirement. In return, he mortgages their house to the person who lends the money. Unaware of this transaction, on a fateful day Kartik gets into a tussle between the lender's son and beats him in a fit of rage.
    Enraged by Kartik's moves, the person demands an immediate payback for his money. If not he threatens to auction their house which was pledged. This adds up to Karthik's ill-fate and his father starts to hate him more than ever.
    Kartik loses hope and in desperation to end his life floors on a railway track. A man observing Kartik's motive nears him and offers any random amount. As a favor, he says that Kartik should end his life at the time the man tells him to. He then hands over the 10 lakhs to now rejuvenated Kartik.
    With the money obtained, Kartik clears the loan on the house. He then lies to his parents that he is off to Mumbai in search of a job, but heads to Ooty actually. There he meets Chandu ('Chitram' Seenu) and Babi (Vijay Sai). He also meets Indu (Kirthi) at the same place. Indu falls in love with him, but Kartik pretends to be ignorant although he loves her too.
    Why Kartik did not reveal his love for Indu? Who is the person who offered 10 lakhs to Kartik? Did Kartik finally tell Indu about his love? Actually who is this Indu residing in Ooty? What is her story? What did Kartik do for his love? All these have to be watched on screen.
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