The Naari Naari Song - Official Lyric Video|Rajkummar & Mouni|Sachin-Jigar|Vishal&Jonita

  • تم نشره في 2019/11/12
  • The absolute party starter track of the season now has an Official Lyric Video for you to sing along too! Presenting the Official Lyric Video of The Naari Naari Song. Composed by the hit duo Sachin - Jigar, voiced by Vishal Dadlani and Jonita Gandhi and penned by VAYU - this song is a complete cracker!
    ► Song Name - The Naari Naari Song
    ► Movie Name - Made In China
    ► Singers - Vishal Dadlani, Jonita Gandhi, Sachin-Jigar
    ► Composer - Sachin-Jigar
    ► Lyrics: - VAYU
    ► Arrangements - Sachin - Jigar
    ► Programming - Abhijit Vaghani
    ► Additional Programming- Abhishek Singh
    ► Music Prodcution Head - Romil Ved
    ► Mix & Master - Eric Pillai @ Future Sound Of Bombay
    ► Assistant Mix Engineer -Michael Edwin Pillai
    ► New Music Composition of Nari Narin Produced By Delta Sound.
    Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2019
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  • sutisnafanjul fanjul
    sutisnafanjul fanjul 8 ساعات قبل

    Jngn ikut campur ini urusanku

  • A R
    A R أيام قبل

    Sick remix

  • Mahima Kour
    Mahima Kour أيام قبل

    Mouni Roy is good acctres

  • Naresh Ahuja
    Naresh Ahuja 2 أيام قبل


  • dam
    dam 3 أيام قبل

    Even lyrics captions are wrong garalu-karalu

  • jisan bps
    jisan bps 3 أيام قبل


  • Tarek Mishuk
    Tarek Mishuk 3 أيام قبل

    My crush mouni😍😍😍

  • Sunil Ralotia
    Sunil Ralotia 4 أيام قبل

    Nari Nari😜😇😜

  • Mohamed Tarek
    Mohamed Tarek 4 أيام قبل

    The original was better and had alot of the indian culture

  • Ruhma Hanif
    Ruhma Hanif 5 أيام قبل +2

    I watched the movie and this song wasn’t in it

    JΘKER LΘVER 𒆜JK 7 أيام قبل

    wow xoss song 😍😍

  • Trance to Spanish
    Trance to Spanish 7 أيام قبل

    I don't know what they are saying, but the song is good.

  • Siddiqua Tufail
    Siddiqua Tufail 8 أيام قبل

    Bollywood walo ne kasam kha li hai her gana bigarney ki

  • marb
    marb 8 أيام قبل

    Best in
    Past --- Only -----

  • Public tube
    Public tube 9 أيام قبل


  • Sandun Madusanka
    Sandun Madusanka 9 أيام قبل


  • Salman Balooch
    Salman Balooch 9 أيام قبل


  • sarthak thevloger
    sarthak thevloger 10 أيام قبل

    Nice song and nicely sung by Vishal sir . Big fannnnnnn of his singing.lf you also love his singing plz like.😘😘😘😘

  • 90waleed 90
    90waleed 90 10 أيام قبل

    ab to sirf chutiyapa he ra gya bollywood ma in kay pass ab singer he nae bachay jo in ko new songs da sakay puranay songs utha kay remake kr kay song ke maa behn krna koi seekhay boolywood sa nae seekhay full chutiyapa ho gya bollywood thats why i say no more bollywood watch bb ke vines

  • Omi Praja
    Omi Praja 11 أيام قبل

    Achy song k m..c... di

  • ليدر لو
    ليدر لو 14 أيام قبل

    ناري ناري من جمالو is an cover of a arabe song

  • Megha Mohini
    Megha Mohini 14 أيام قبل +6

    Anyone hear in January 2020

  • AakasH KotiaN
    AakasH KotiaN 15 أيام قبل

    Old one was better with Indian tradition.. This one fucked off song🤣

  • Suhani Pandey
    Suhani Pandey 15 أيام قبل

    janunary 2020 me hai koi sunne vala like karo

  • Yashwant Thorat
    Yashwant Thorat 15 أيام قبل

    My favorite song

  • Zihad Bhuiyan
    Zihad Bhuiyan 15 أيام قبل

    ajaira ltd theika nach er 1ta step copy hoise🤣

  • Graphic Designer
    Graphic Designer 15 أيام قبل

    This Song Prove that You Dont need Six Pack Masculine Body you can be Hot AF Mind Blowing performance Rajkumar Rao Big Fan of yours

  • Heena Tanveer shaikh
    Heena Tanveer shaikh 16 أيام قبل

    She is better dancer

  • Anil Kalatara
    Anil Kalatara 16 أيام قبل


  • Laxman Kumar
    Laxman Kumar 17 أيام قبل

    Gjb song🎵🎵🎶🎶

  • Question Mark
    Question Mark 17 أيام قبل

    who made this joker a hero? fk industry.

  • Fardin khaled
    Fardin khaled 18 أيام قبل

    Original one is much better

  • md SHAFIUL
    md SHAFIUL 19 أيام قبل


  • Tarannum Bano
    Tarannum Bano 19 أيام قبل +1

    This copy from bon Àppeþit🤔

  • hider killar
    hider killar 19 أيام قبل +1

    Happy new year

  • Mackborn Wahlang
    Mackborn Wahlang 20 أيام قبل


  • Mujeb shaik
    Mujeb shaik 20 أيام قبل

    Pahle tu Khud Ko Sambhal FIR tu puchna to Mera haal so amazing

  • Nasreen Saeed
    Nasreen Saeed 20 أيام قبل

    Pakistan ka song chura yahwa hai.. chor India waly hai bahanchod

  • Kolim Uddin
    Kolim Uddin 21 أيام قبل


    CRAZY TV GAMING 21 أيام قبل

    Damn I grew up listening the original Arabic version

  • Protick Siam
    Protick Siam 21 أيام قبل

    Nice song

    ATHIRA K P 21 أيام قبل

    Oru paattine konn kola vilichhhhh... U just ruined the song... 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Kiran Bhamare
    Kiran Bhamare 21 أيام قبل

    nice song

  • Mahamd Qais
    Mahamd Qais 22 أيام قبل +2

    هيه اغنيه مصريه ! أصله ناري من كمالو

  • Mahamd Qais
    Mahamd Qais 22 أيام قبل

    هيه اغنيه مصريه ! أصله ناري من كمالو

  • Rakesh Labana
    Rakesh Labana 22 أيام قبل

    Pyar mere full power.😉😂😂

  • sajith kumar
    sajith kumar 23 أيام قبل

    Its like Bollywood lost its virginity in music and started raping and prostitution to feed themselves...
    It feels like that legend song got brutally raped..

  • niko johnson
    niko johnson 24 أيام قبل

    I'm just hating this now :) Bollywood is pure shit now

  • Biri Essa
    Biri Essa 24 أيام قبل


  • Tisha Akter
    Tisha Akter 24 أيام قبل

    RAJKUNAR RAO !!!!!!!

  • LRC Kumar
    LRC Kumar 24 أيام قبل

    I love ❤️ that song

    If you also like 👍🏻or love ❤️ that hit a like and comment me then subscribe him

  • Surender Nayak
    Surender Nayak 24 أيام قبل


  • suhail masood
    suhail masood 25 أيام قبل

    one of the shittest remake

  • A2Z unlimited
    A2Z unlimited 25 أيام قبل +1

    Luv this.. better than arabic version

  • Zayn Sakhi
    Zayn Sakhi 25 أيام قبل


  • srujan suju
    srujan suju 25 أيام قبل +3

    I want to congratulate BOLLYWOOD for SPOILING one more song in the name of REMIX.

  • hel0kaa
    hel0kaa 26 أيام قبل +2

    ناري ناري من جمالو 😍🤣♥

    • celestine salvi
      celestine salvi 17 أيام قبل

      Dkpdkpslpc IDK poo Flo ofjocpckfp ijgpfkpcn ogjpckgkpo 🐂 check poo NFL oh gunk kg poo v MP picnic oh guv loopy fhovmpv fjpgno😂😂😂

  • Rabeya Rumi
    Rabeya Rumi 27 أيام قبل


  • Disna Madhushani
    Disna Madhushani 28 أيام قبل

  • saraswati palei
    saraswati palei 28 أيام قبل +1

    Mst dance