Last Day of School Vlog!!

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  • Today I vlog my last day of sophomore year... I can honestly say that it was one of the best last days I've ever had! Going from public school to online school in March was a huge adjustment and it feels so great to have finished all of my online school on time with the grades I wanted! If you are still in school don't worry! You are so close to finishing.. study hard and all you can do is your best! Summer 2018!!!
    merch coming very very soon... sneak peak in this video but make sure to follow me on Insta for when it drops! ahh I'm so pumped
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    Thank you so much for watching and I really hope to see you around in my next video!!

    How old are you?? 16
    Where do you live? Arizona
    Who are you signed with? Next models, Agency AZ, Trend Spain

    Thank you so much for watching

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    와 ..진짜 찐 미국학교생활 로망 그자체... 혼자 차 타고 등교하는게 젤 부럽다 근데 이분 왜 자꾸 뜨지 유튜브 알고리즘...... 아 근데 수학 개부럽다..

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    Hello I really like u

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    Thanks for your channel 💗I"m from Russia 🇷🇺 and I m learning English ,I have a dream - arrive in US in future ☺️and you help me improve my "speaking skills “
    Thank you so much 🥰
    And ,well I have a marks that I have written tell me please ☺️

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    Coğrafya kaderdir ...

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    Hey, please add english subtitle pleaseee .

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    you're so pretty, everyone here should support each others! small youtubers untie

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    엥 그냥 완전 하이틴 영화네.. 미치겠다 미국으로 유학가고 싶어 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    omg, i'm so happy. I'm a Brazilian girl and i'm learning english, your videos really help my listening. Thank u.

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    16살이면 한국 나이로는 17 ~ 18살 고등학생 아닌가? 나는 코사인이랑 저 수학 문제들 중학교 때 배웠던 거 같은데? 이러면서 한국은 수포자 많다고 어쩌구 저쩌구... 한국 교육부 정신 차려..

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    what grade are you in?

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    Der Einzige deutsche Kommentar

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    I hate the winter I miss summer so much!

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    I was waiting for a high school musical song

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    I am a high school student who distributes videos from Japan. I want you to watch my video too.

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    Jennie (US vers.)

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    Last day of high school, but the day of college just starts...

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    You are Mathematican.I like it you vedio

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    Hi can I have ur whatts up number please I am gonna be lucky

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