STEP 8 - HOW TO READ IN ARABIC- Arabic for Beginners- Free Step By Step Arabic Lessons- READING 1

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  • Arabic Khatawaat videos are an introduction to the Arabic Language and Culture.
    Arabic Khatawaat (Arabic Steps) aims to help students learn how to read and write in Arabic and how to recognize the sounds and shapes of the Arabic script. The instructions are directed to help Non-native speakers of Arabic learn the Language.

    All classes are directed in the English Language with an emphasis on pronouncing the Arabic sounds correctly and without pressure. Speakers of other languages might find it hard to learn, yet these videos introduce learners to simple and easy ways on how to learn on their own, connect letters, read words, form short and long sentences and build paragraphs.
    Note: These videos can help native speakers of Arabic learn how to teach the Arabic Language to English Speakers or Speakers of other Languages.
    Students will be able to:
    Recognize the shape and sound of the Arabic Language.
    Learn how to compare the English sounds to the Arabic Sounds.
    Learn how to read and write in Arabic using short cases/short vowels and long vowels.
    Learn how to form sentences in Arabic.
    Learn how to speak, read, write, and listen to more extended dialogues.
    Learn how to derive meaning from the context in Arabic texts.

    In addition to the learner experience, Arabic Khatawaat believes in connecting small communities through learning a foreign language. Arabic is the language of more than 422 million speakers, and it is the 6th spoken Language in the world. Arabic is the Language of the holy book of Muslims "Qur'an." With 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, you are looking at proximity 90% of Muslims reading the Quran in Arabic.
    The Arabic Language is your gateway to learning about History, international relations, North African, and Middle Eastern Dialects. NOt only that, but the Modern Standard Arabic form is also what Arabic Khatawaat is introducing students to. All other 22 Arab Dialects derive from FusHa (Formal Arabic).
    Why do we have to learn formal Arabic?
    That's a question I got from diverse students when I introduced them to FusHa. The answer is simple, All Arab states are taught FusHa in schools, deliver their formal communications in FusHa, speeches, sermons, news, books, digital and print articles, magazines are all produced in FusHa. If you are willing to explore the profound cultures of the Arab world from experts in the various fields, then Modern Standard Arabic or MSA is how you will find answers to your questions and conduct formal research.

    History has many hidden gems, and the Arab world and the Muslim world have enormously contributed to the development of nowadays society. You will learn a lot through reading authentic texts and manuscripts in the Arabic Language, explore Arabic books, produce Arabic texts, and publish your work for the world to see. It is a fantastic language that you will be fascinated to explore and amazed to discover your linguistic abilities as learners once you embark in this journey,
    so let Arabic Khatawaat be your first steps, join the large, diverse, and global community from all seven continents.
    Stay connected and learn how to read and write the Arabic Language
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    #how to organize their notes, #arabicsentences #arabictexts These videos are an introduction to learn how to write and read Arabic in the simplest and easiest ways used in a spontaneous teaching setting. Our OBJECTIVE is to create a stress-free learning environment that can be accessed at any time. This content also aims to help Arabic teachers direct their instructions to fit the needs of their diverse learners.

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    This woman hve been living in the western countries and most probably hve a non Muslim boyfriend and don't think so she hold on to the Arab culture anymore. Middle East women actually like the European culture rather than marrying their own men and they even left the Muslim community.

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      you can leave a comment under the videos for questions that I can answer for all the community to benefit from. Email is

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      The playlists are made with all the steps needed to facilitate learning 😊 check the channel's playlists

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    Before I did not know that the vowels can make a huge change but thanks to you its now makes sense! Your a spectacular teacher, you gotta make a live channel or vid, so some people who have questions you will help them!

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    khubuus - kubbus
    bayt - house what is it the house a lots of *baab* - door
    taawela - table sounds similar
    taweeeella- tall lady
    batwatwa - potato just pronounce potato just replace *p* with *b* and pronounce *t* like twa

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